Really Serious Literature celebrates poetry and gimmick. We publish printed books, digital ephemera and unconventional literary objects in the form of tattoos, t-shirts, accessories and, MAYBE SOMEDAY, edibles.

Est. in Everett & Seattle, WA in 2018 w/ "Disappearing Chapbooks" on Instagram.

We publish books you can read.

We believe in community.

We like to embarrass ourselves.

We post a lot of memes.

We're hyped on the experimental, the absurd, dark comedy, the raw, the stormy, including most cousins to innovation.


Printed Books - Our open reading period for POETRY collections of any length (within reason) by writers whose identities align with BIPOC and/or LGBTQ+ voices, begins AUG 1st - DEC 31st, 2020.

Online Content - We are ALWAYS accepting micro-collections of any genre for our 'Disappearing Chapbooks' series. Follow us on Instagram (@rlysrslit) to feel those vibes out.

Send your manuscript + any inquiries to: reallyseriousemailaddress (AT) gmail (DOT) com

We aim to respond.