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BABY WRAITH BURRITO BONES (Taco Bell Remote Residency Winner) - by AMI J. SANGHVI

  • BABY WRAITH BURRITO BONES (Taco Bell Remote Residency Winner) - by AMI J. SANGHVI

***LIMIT 100 COPIES***

Releases 02/16/22

"Ami J. Sanghvi has blasted into the scene with thrilling and innovative work. He is unashamed, vicious; producing material that demands attention. Ami writes how I wish I could write. Peer inside, 'between// beneath' his '[un]lovely skull' ."

— Barracuda Guarisco, Editor-in-Chief @rlysrslit

Pitch video:

Featuring the winning chapbook of the first and last Beefy Chapbook Potato-Rito Remote Residency To-Go Contest XXL "Baby Wraith Burrito Bones" by Ami Sanghvi!!!

Chosen by our Final Judge, M. M. Carrigan of Taco Bell Quarterly.

As the winner, Ami received a stipend of $300 (for Taco Bell) including having their chapbook released with a limited run of 100 copies, printed and assembled by Bottlecap Press, with a contractual agreement of 50% of net profits split between REALLY SERIOUS LITERATURE and Ami J. Sanghvi.

Author Bio:

Ami J. Sanghvi (he/they -- occassional, very reluctant she) is an Indian-American, non-binary, queer author, artist, designer, boxer, Eric Hoffer Book Award finalist, and recent graduate from the California Institute of the Arts Creative Writing M.F.A. program. He is a fiction editor for Decolonial Passage, poetry editor for Wrongdoing Magazine, and photographer for AsianZine, as well as the co-founder and co-editor of Gutslut Press. His work has recently appeared in So It Goes: The Literary Journal of the Kurt Vonnegut Museum and Library, Inverted Syntax, Humana Obscura, I Hope You’ll Still Love Me: A South Asian LGBTQIA+ Anthology, Masalazine, and several other publications and exhibitions. He was also a featured author for LUPERCALIApress's VULCANALIA '21 anthology.

Currently, he is living in Los Angeles with a focus on autonomy, extraction, space, time, functionality, minimalism, and the subliminal in his writing and visual art practices alike. Sanghvi is also querying his M.F.A. thesis manuscript, developing an existentially compromised world for his Sad, Lonely Alien through various methods, collaborating on a hybrid experimental collection titled 99: Pink Light Suicide, and deconstructing the literary criticism of J.R.R. Tolkien in order to develop a deeply South Asian, Sanskrit-Gothic Science of Wraiths. On the side, he is preparing to re-immerse himself in the Elder Scrolls Online and befriend cute desert lizards who may or may not actually be aliens.

*The fine people at Taco Bell had nothing to do with this contest—we're just fans.

Author portrait by Kevin Lynn @unsleepinghorror