Donkey-Girl & Other Hybrids - Anna Mirzayan

  • Donkey-Girl & Other Hybrids - Anna Mirzayan
  • Donkey-Girl & Other Hybrids - Anna Mirzayan

“To hold Donkey-Girl in your hands is to touch viscera. this book is primal in a way only Anna Mirzayan can be, a dizzying voice unbridled by convention or form. I have looked into the eyes of Donkey-Girl and Other Hybrids and i have seen the caves of god.”

Elle Nash, author of 'Animals Eat Each Other' and 'Nudes'

"Anna Mirzayan’s Donkey-Girl breaks new ground by composing poems in tandem with artificial intelligence that compel us to reassess the relationship of poetry to philosophy. At the same time, this poetry expands our fractal consciousness about sexuality, the body, feminism and capitalism while remaining accessible and even humorous. This book is a wonderful exploration of all kinds of boundaries and I recommend it highly. Enjoy your sojourn into the way these poems speak to you and to each other. I did! You will read Donkey-Girl and come out changed."

Gigi Bradford, former Director, Literature Program, National Endowment for the Arts

You had me at 'cunt'.

Charlene Elsby, Ph.D., author of Hexis, Affect and Psychros.

"Anna Mirzayan's poems construct and inhabit a fascinating world in which the real meets the unreal, the sublime meets the grotesque, the mechanical meets the biological, and the horrific meets the hilarious. Gleefully Cronenbergian and beautifully visceral."

Marzi Margo, author of Blueberry Lemonade