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Narwhal / Red Dolphin - Barracuda Guarisco (SOLD OUT)

  • Narwhal / Red Dolphin - Barracuda Guarisco (SOLD OUT)
  • Narwhal / Red Dolphin - Barracuda Guarisco (SOLD OUT)

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***first 25 to preorder will additionally receive a signed copy of SCANNNNdy co-written w/ KKUURRTT coming soon from Feral Dove Books, all preorders after that will increase to $15 each.*** <— this special is no longer available.


Never Angeline North, author of Sea-Witch

"Barracuda Guarisco writes like I think we all wish we could make films; straight from the heart, no filter, no judgment, no impeding obstacles, just art in the form of words. It reminds me of Harmony Korine's early work and that makes it all the more worthwhile to read again."

Cody Calahan, director of Vicious Fun

"I know nothing about poetry, but I do know a lot about being stuck inside my own cacophonous, ADHD-addled brain. I enjoyed everything that I read."

Siri Dahl, power lifter / streamer/ adult film actress

"With seething imagery masterfully monster-mashed together, the poems in this collection made the gravel behind my eyes feel like confetti. Sure, the countdown clock is ticking for all of us, but Narwhal makes it skip a beat. Narwhal makes you drop your pants and dance with yourself. Now if you'd excuse me, I'm going to go watch Home Alone 2. Xoxo"

Homeless, author of Shithead Laureate (Clash Books)

"Barracuda Guarisco's words hurtle breakneck and breathless like a frantic hallucinatory hello from the void. Sad and hilarious and wistful and painful--this collection will nest and breed and hatch."

Kellen Conway Blanchard, playwright & low-life lover of all things creepy

"It made my eyes go blurry and made me feel dizzy."

Bloodshot Bill, rockabilly wailer