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  • Really Serious Thank You (Donate)

Really Serious Literature is a small, independent publisher of poetry and unconventional literary objects based out of Seattle, WA.

We receive no grants or special funding and are primarily bankrolled by the sole proprietor's day job and charge nothing to our authors for the production of their work.

It's all out of pocket, coming from a place of mad love.

If you're purchasing/have purchased a book and you'd like to include a donation/tip along with your order, there are a number of options available below.

If you're more in the giving/charitable mood and would rather set the price of your contribution, you may do so by going to:

Contributions go toward the cost of production and standard living expenses of the publisher and his pup pup chow chow evil little Shih Tzu, Shay Shay Baybay (pictured above).

Really Serious Literature really seriously thanks you for your support and boost!

We wouldn't be here without you.